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Sian Ka'an - “Where the Sky is Born”

Sian Ka'an biosphere

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In the Mayan language, Sian Ka'an means 'where the sky is born', or 'gift of the sky'. Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve is a 1.3 million acre nature reserve just south of Tulum in Riviera Maya. This protected reserve is home to countless plant, bird and animal species. 23 known archeological sites top up the list of attractions making an adventure a guarantee.

Coming to Sian Ka'an Biosphere from Tulum

The main entrance is located on Tulum beach road to the south of Tulum hotel beach zone. There are few services in Sian Ka'an other than pre-booked guided tours and a few small restaurants. The area is known for its fly fishing, bird watching and other eco-focused activities.

Sian Ka'an biosphere

Discover Sian Ka'an

Nucleus of Sustainable Travel and Eco-Tourism in the Riviera Maya

The Heart of Sustainable Travel and Eco-Tourism in Riviera Maya Sian Ka'an is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a protected biosphere reserve in the southern part of Riviera Maya. This enormous protected national gem covers approximately 1.3 million acres in total, stretching 120 kilometers from north to south and comprising almost one third of the Caribbean coast of Mexico. With a rich historical background, diverse ecosystem and large waterways, Sian Ka'an Reserve is treasured by locals and visitors alike.

The northernmost section of Sian Ka'an contains what is thought to be an ancient trade route through the lagoons and mangrove channels between the cities of Tulum and Muyil. The fishing industry is still one of the most important economic activities for the residents of the reserve. Common species include spiny lobster, tarpon, grouper, permit and snapper. Tourism is a major source of income for Sian Ka'an fishermen who are hired to run boat trips to the reefs and systems of the lagoons with local guides who share the history and environmental abundance of this area.

Low-impact human activities and sustainable development occur in the area of the reserve known as 'the Buffer Zone'. This area is comprised of lagoons, the Caribbean coast and the jungle. With the help of local guides, visitors can travel by boat or kayak learn about the flora and fauna indigenous to the area and observe over 300 species of birds, both migratory and local. The human population is estimated at 2,000 inhabitants who live mainly in the coastal regions, especially in the fishing villages of Punta Allen and Punta Herrero.

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Enjoy the atmosphere of absolute privacy and freedom immersed in nature offered by the crystalline waters of the Caribbean and the beautiful lagoon of Sian Ka'an.



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